Grace Jee on January 11th, 2013


Good Morning friends!


From time to time, I come across friends ringing up and ask for my advice. One of the most common questions they ask is “What is Success means?”


So today I decided to share some inspirational Success infographics on my  Blog.


For me, Success means never ever give up, fight to the every end and never say die.

How about you?


Of course, in order to succeed, you need to have vision, take action on consistent basis, learn from the past mistakes, learn from successful mentor, be courageous; sooner and later you will see your dream come true. Don’t forget to enjoy the process while moving towards your goal


Everyone has his/her own   Success Story.   My  Success Story  is here:


Friends, hope you all enjoy my post.

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Grace Jee on December 18th, 2012



Nowadays more and more young people make money online.


One of these inspiring young Internet Entrepreneurs is Jamie Lewis.


This really makes me wonder the main secret a young man like Jamie could
make $1 Million a year on Clickbank


What we know about  Jamie Lewis  is:

1.   He wanted to set the record straight.

2.   He was sick of the shady deals and software that didn’t work.

3.   He decided to drop by a guru’s house to learn.
In this case I guess it was a good idea…  LOL!

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Grace Jee on December 5th, 2012




 By:    Gary Chapman


The reason attitude is so important is that they affect my behavior and words.


I may not be able to control my environment: sickness, alcoholic spouse, teenager on drugs, aging parents, etc. but I am responsible for what I do within my  environment.


My attitude will greatly influence my behavior.


If I look for the positive in my  marriage, then I’m more likely to talk positively: give my spouse affirming words, and to do something that has the potential for enhancing life for both of us.


On the other hand, if I focus on the negative, I’m more likely to give my spouse critical, condemning words. This type of behavior will often result in one of two actions:

I’ll do things to hurt my spouse, or  I’ll withdraw and consider leaving my spouse.


Yes, my attitude affects my action!





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Grace Jee on November 18th, 2012



By:  Gary Chapman


Our Mentality


Remember when we were kids and our parents told us to share?


Why was that so hard?


Well if we thought it was hard to share our toys it’s even harder to share our money.


When you get married it’s time for a change in the mentality of, “Mine!”


When you get married, it is no longer, “your money” and “my money,” but rather “our money.”


Likewise, it is no longer “my debts” and “your debts,” but rather “our debts.”


When you accept each other as a partner, you accept each other’s liabilities as well as each other’s assets.


Full Disclosure


A full disclosure of assets and liabilities should be made before marriage.


It’s not wrong to enter marriage with debts, but you ought to know what those debts are and agree on a plan for repayment.


Marriage is two becoming one. Applied to finances, this means that all our resources belong to both of us.


One of us may be responsible for paying the bills and balancing the checkbook, but this should never be used as an excuse for hiding financial matters.


Full and open discussions should precede any financial decision.


Marriage is enhanced by agreement in financial matters.


Whose Money is It?


If you’re the “bread-winner” of the family how do you maintain humility and remember that it’s not YOUR money?


If you have a lot of debt in your name, do you ever feel blamed by your spouse for that?


We can lift one another up if we remember that all we have belongs to the Lord anyway.




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Grace Jee on November 18th, 2012



By:   Gary Chapman


Admitting my own imperfection does not mean that I am a failure.


Most troubled marriages include a stone wall between husband and wife, built over the years.


Each stone represents an event in the past where one of them has failed the other.


These are things about which people talk when they sit in the counseling office.


The husband complains, “She has always been critical of everything I do.  I’ve never been able to please her.”


The wife complains, “He’s married to his job. He has no time for me or the children. I feel like a widow.”


This wall of hurt and disappointment stands as a barrier to marital unity.


Demolishing this emotional wall is essential for rebuilding a troubled marriage.


Admitting your imperfection does not make you a failure.


It means that you are human and are willing to admit your humanity.


Confessing past failures is the first step toward a growing marriage.




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By:   Gary Chapman


For the past thirty years in Western Society we have given undue emphasis to emotions.


When applied to a troubled marriage, this philosophy advises, “If you don’t have love feelings, admit it and get out of the marriage.”


“If you feel hurt and angry, you would be hypocritical to say or do something kind to your spouse.”


This philosophy fails to reckon with the reality that man is more than his emotions.


We have feelings, yes, but we also have attitudes, values, and actions.


If we jump from emotions to actions and ignore attitudes and values, we will destroy our marriages.


Stop, think, look for the positive, affirm it, and then, do something that has positive potential.


Actions that are guided by values and positive attitudes are more likely to be productive.





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By:   Gary Chapman


I cannot change others, but I can influence others, how true is this!


It’s true, you cannot change your spouse, but you can and do influence your spouse every day.


If you are still trying to change your spouse, then you are probably a master manipulator.


You reason, “If I do this, then my spouse will do that.”


“If I can make him miserable enough, or happy enough, then I’ll get what I want.”


I hate to discourage you, but you’re on a dead end road. Even if he changes, he will resent you for manipulating him.


A better approach is to be a positive influence on your spouse.


You influence by your words and actions.


If you look for something your spouse is doing that you like and give him verbal compliments, you are having a positive influence on him.


If you do something for him that you know he will like, your actions influence him in a wholesome way.


Your model begins to rub off on him.


The reality of the power of positive influence holds tremendous potential for troubled marriages.


Complimentary Article:    Tips for Intimate Relationship





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Grace Jee on October 13th, 2012



A surefire recipe for Facebook Success is to combine  great quotes  with  cool images.


For example, the Facebook page Positive Inspirational Quotes has over 200,000 fans and over 100,000 people talking about their page even though they have spent nothing on advertising and all because they post cool images with quotes on a regular basis.


Here’s a screen shot of the page:




The best part about this  Success Story  is that is can easily be duplicated by either re-using the images from this page or by taking a few minutes to create cool quote images of your own.


If you design your own quote images, make sure to include a link to your Website or your Facebook Fan Page in the design so that you can enjoy free traffic to your website or page as your images are shared virally.


You are very welcome to check out the  12 Inspirational Success Infographics  on
my Blog:







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